The New Organizing Institute (NOI) recently released Campaigning to Engage and Win: A Guide to Leading Electoral Campaigns, a great resources for candidates and organizers who are running a campaign. The campaign guide is comprehensive with information ranging from pre-planning through Election Day with an emphasis on engaging voters. This guide is highly recommended for campaigns of all sizes. Download the free PDF and make sure to sign up for NOI’s email list while you’re at it.

From NOI:

Modern political campaigns are about more than who can run the best TV ad. Big or small, local or national, campaigns today win by engaging supporters as a meaningful part of the process.

Guide to Campaign

But how can managers build the kind of integrated, solutions-driven campaign that engages people to take action? We’re excited to release Campaigning to Engage and Win: A Guide to Leading Electoral Campaigns, a free, downloadable guide to running an Engagement Campaign.

Download Campaigning to Engage and Win: A Guide to Leading Electoral Campaigns

The lessons and principles can be applied to campaigns big and small. It covers all the key areas a campaign manager needs in the modern political arena. Budgeting and fundraising, integrated new media, volunteer-based field programs, data-driven decision making, proactive staff management, aspirational messaging, self and opposition research… it’s all there.

We worked with top experts to get the best of both traditional campaign strategy and new technology and approaches, with fundraising and budgeting systems from Susan Markham, field program development from Karen Hicks, narrative and messaging strategy from Doug Hattaway, staff management from The Management Center, and data and new media from our own team.

Download the manual now

This guide will help you build and manage an Engagement Campaign from the ground up, and prepares you to run the type of smart, integrated effort that wins elections and builds power for the future.

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