Reaching people where they are is a cardinal marketing principal. Facebook has over 500 million users and those users are logged in for over 700 billion minutes each month. That means roughly one in six people on earth are on facebook and most of them are spending a tremendous amount of time on the site. Facebook has revolutionized the way individuals communicate, and it is a central meeting place for the world.

So how can you effectively use Facebook?

Facebook recently launched a new streaming channel called Facebook Live. One recent video was particularly helpful for facebook marketers, it is called “Five Steps to Hitting a Home Run on Facebook”. The five practical steps are discussed amongst a facebook expert and two professionals who have used facebook to benefit their businesses.

The Five Steps to Hitting a Home Run on Facebook are:

1) Targeting Your Message

2) Investing in Killer Content

3) Being Authentic

4) Not Doing it Alone

5) Having Fun and Learning

Watch the Full Video Below:

Watch live streaming video from facebookeducation at
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