Create your own recipe to organize and energize people

Salsa helps political campaigns and non-profit organization by providing the online fundraising, communications, supporter management (CRM) and advocacy solutions – all in an integrated, aordable platform.

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  • Manage Supporters
  • Supporter management links every other feature in Salsa with a common database, complete with easy to use tools for managing your lists.

  • Send Emails
  • Salsa’s robust email enables you to craft your own custom-branded messages, share across social networks, and measure your results.

  • Advocate
  • Create petitions, letter-writing campaigns, and other custom-targeted messages to mobilize your supporters and  engage change. Then spread the word about your campaign through social media integration.

  • Raise Money
  • From coordinating donor events to soliciting and tracking online and online contributions, you can run your whole development program with this comprehensive and secure fundraising software that’s linked directly to your database of supporters.

  • Customize Reports
  • Enough guesswork — see what really makes your online program tick with Salsa’s library of reports and the most powerful custom report builder in the business.

  • Host Events
  • From major conferences to invite-only webinars, the Salsa event manager makes it an affair to remember… literally.

  • Connect With Social Media
  • Salsa’s sharing package is tightly integrated with Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, allowing you to customize the images, descriptions, and tags that get shared on these popular social media platform.

  • Get Local
  • Empower staff, organizers, or local branches with chapter-level access to the Salsa organizing platform.

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